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Integrating A.I. into political decision making

We create artificial advisers for political decision makers, relying on the heuristics of human advisers and on the wisdom of the crowd. 

Wisdom of the Crowd

We gather information from the crowd using various means, including surveys and data mining.

Knowledge-producing A.I.

We rely on the heuristics (logical rules) of human political advisers and interpreters, to create a computerized adviser that relies on insights from the crowd and human experts.

Political Advisers for Everyone

Our computerized adviser supplements (and even replaces) human advisers, and helps decision makers and the public understand the consequences of their choices.

1. Obtaining Data from the Crowd

2. Developing a Unique A.I. Adviser

3. Computerized Recommendations

A Political Computerized Adviser

Human political advisers are costly and prone to cognitive biases. Even when gathered together, it is difficult to derive knowledge from their combined intelligence. Our platform creates a collective intelligence of human experts, that is based on their shared heuristics and receives constant information and updates from the wisdom of the crowd.

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