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In Which Situations Can the Computerized Adviser Help You?

We can modify and recalibrate the computerized adviser for every political and geopolitical system, for studying and analyzing criminal and terrorist activities, and even for market needs - such as consultation about the best paths for mergers and investments.


We're always open to new venues and projects. Contact us if you have other needs, and we may be able to help!

Political Consultation and Forecasting

We can calibrate and configure the computerized adviser for any political system, in order to forecast the potential for success of each decision. 

The computerized adviser can consider the qualities and mutual interactions of large bodies (like political parties and factions), or even individuals (like leaders).

Geopolitical Consultation and Forecasting

The computerized adviser can be expanded to include countries, factions and international unions, and their interactions with each other. It can thus provide insights regarding the consequences of actions and choices in the international arena.

Crime and Terrorist Activity Consultation and Forecasting

The computerized adviser was already used for crime and terrorist activity forecasting in previous projects, and provided insights regarding future uses of emerging technologies that was validated and confirmed throughout 2014 and 2015.

The platform can be configured for forecasting highly likely crime and terrorist activity scenarios in different arenas.

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